Soul's Purpose

The Difference Between Living and Dreaming Your Soul’s Purpose

Soul's Purpose

As a writer, I spent over a decade of my life filled with the intense, deep, sometimes overwhelming knowingness that I was meant to live by the Word. I was BUILT to be a writer. My entire Soul was crying out to me to live the Purpose that I was meant to be.

This is why my Year of YES! was born. This was a huge shift for me in my perceptions, my lifestyle, my priorities. My soul cried out for its YES!

My soul cried out to be bigger, better, more intense. My soul wanted to live the bold, beautiful, BE-ing life that I had been DREAMING of.

And that’s EXACTLY why it didn’t go anywhere. My life wasn’t moving in that direction because my thinking hadn’t translated into doing.

The Law of Attraction is the single best tool that I’ve discovered in my life for creating the kind of magic and miracles that I wanted to welcome into my life and wasn’t sure how to create on my own. Sometimes we get stuck in our own patterns and feelings of unworthiness and begin to believe that we’re not worth our own miracles. That our lives are somehow not ENOUGH for us to live out our full purposes.

So we settle. Settle. Settle. Settle.

We stop living and stop being and we just settle. We settle for dreams. We settle for vision boards with no action plans. We settle for goals with no timelines. We settle for manuscripts that sit on our desks unfinished and unpublished and uninvested in. We settle for business plans that never even make it all the way onto paper, let alone into the world.

And then our souls close off. Our souls are infinite. They aren’t meant to live in the teeny tiny boxes that we try to create for them. That we let other people create for them. Our souls are here to be more than that.

Email me at and let’s talk about what living your Soul’s Purpose actually looks like in your life.

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