Publish a Book, Traditional Publisher vs. Self Publishing

books-310520_640When I was looking at how I wanted to birth my memoir, The Year of YES! into the world  I looked at my options from a business perspective.

If I went with a traditional publisher I would invest the time and expense of finding an agent before I could even get in the door of a publisher, and then I would pay them 10-20% of my royalties for getting me in the door.

I would give up ownership and creative control of my work, I would still have to foot the bill for building my social media platform and be responsible for a huge portion of marketing expense.

It would take them 18 months minimum to get the book on the shelves and I might make around .25 cents a copy.

This did not sound like a winning plan to me.

Conversely, I could self-publish and foot the expensive of editing and design, but get the book on the shelves in only three months, create exactly the book I wanted to create and use the book to establish credibility and expertise as a coach with it as a marketing tool. I’d still be responsible for marketing and building my platform, but that seemed to be a given either way.

It was a no brainer. But, I saw that there really is a need for a publishing hybrid that gives the author the prestige of a third-party press, the expertise of professional editing, design, production and fulfillment know-how and a proven marketing plan.

Sioux Ink was born. Sioux Ink is a full-service publishing company with a no brainer business model that is in the authors’ favor.

Please, if you have a book that you know must be born because it is your Soul’s Purpose, I want to talk to you.

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