To the Left, Universe: Law of Attraction & Money

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Soooo Close!!

Sometimes the Universe sends you something that’s Oh So Close!

You’ve made the list and clear requests. You’ve put it on your dream board. You’ve visualized it. Maybe it’s the red car. Maybe it’s the house. Perhaps it’s a new business or a new friend . . . or yes, even Dream Board Man.

Sometimes it’s better than you imagined: the house has an art studio, the blue car gives you a mood boost, the business twist turns out to be even better than you imaged, the friend feels like a Soul Sister and Dream Board Man is so perfect that you didn’t dare dream that the energy between you would feel this potent and right. <—-YES!

Other times, it’s a bit “off” in Law of Attraction and Money and Law of Attraction and Relationships. It costs more than you wanted to pay, it’s the wrong color, it’s just a tad too big or too small, the business isn’t as fun as you thought, the friend sometimes gossips or your Soul Mate is seeing someone else. UGH!

Do you settle? Do you take what the Universe has to offer? Do you make concessions and “compromises” with your dreams?

You Choose

The true answer is: You get to choose.

It’s okay to say No, send it back, change your mind and get more specific about what it is that you really want. Saying NO to what you Don’t want is saying YES! to what you DO want.  

There ain’t no shortage of perfect houses, potential friends, red cars, business opportunities … or really great men. (But, this one is special, really special!) This is an infinitely abundant Universe, ain’t no shortage of anything, Sister.

To accept what you don’t want can mean a few things: you don’t believe you’re worthy of it or you don’t have faith that there’s enough to go around are two.

The Work

Another is that you have subconscious blocks, emotions and beliefs that you need to unearth to release. When two intentions conflict the Universe goes with the one which is most emotionally charged. Which means that if you have a core fear that you’re unworthy of what you’ve asked for, or you’re subconsciously terrified of deep intimacy—and it has greater intensity than your wish to attract the thing— the Universe will respond to the core fear rather than the wish. Which is why it’s important to deal with your “stuff,” in order to get what you want.

Sometimes the Universe is testing you with old patterns—are you really done hanging out with mean girls? Are you really sure that you want to own your own business? Are you completely convinced that you can afford a new car? Are you positive that you’re done with this relationship pattern?


Other times you’ve sent the Universe conflicting messages, or you’ve asked for something and you didn’t foresee all the possible outcomes (because how could you see all the possible outcomes in an infinite Universe?).

You might have written, He must choose me as his heart’s desire, on your Dream Man list and when he shows up he’s seeing someone else and has to face a literal choice about his heart’s desire. Grrrr. It’s a strategic LOA misfire. Now, he’s not the only one facing a choice. You have to choose—stay heart-open to the phenomenal potential and hope that he does choose you as his heart’s desire or simply say No, and wait for someone else. You might edit your declaration to the Universe to something like, He must be single, available and ready for a relationship with me. You could even add an addendum to the previous request. He chooses me as his heart’s desire and is ready for a relationship with me, for instance.

Magic Spell

However it happens that the Universe is “off,” the magic spell is this: To the left, Universe, to the left. Next thing you know, sometimes instantly, the right size of Patagonia snow pants show up a few hangers over on the thrift store rack, the car dealer calls to report that the luxury model of your red car shows up for the “impossible” price you want to pay, you find yourself surrounded by a whole crowd of the perfect friends and business opportunities practically chase you down to snuggle in your lap.

And yes, sometimes … Dream Board Man chooses you as his heart’s desire because you said YES! to your Soul’s knowing and kept your heart-open to it. #YesThankYouMorePlease

To the left, Universe, to the left. 

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