Soul v Ego Smackdown eCourse

Your Soul is waiting. Answer her.

I want more money!
I want a career or business with meaning and purpose!
I want a hot passionate romance with my Soul Mate!
I want to travel the world and explore the sacred spots of the Universe!
What if you could have it all?

You can.

Your Soul is ready. She is practically panting to give you what you want. She’s been talking and talking and begging and pleading. And she wants you to know:

You want what you want because it is meant for you! And your Soul is trying to help you get it. Money, meaning, LOVE, red cars, designer boots, exotic vacations—all of it. 

What you crave and long for is part of her purpose, your Soul’s path. But you’re resistant. You’re afraid. If you weren’t you would already be living it, doing it, having it, BE-ing it.

You want to say YES!

But, is that little voice inside your head your Ego or your Soul?

How do you know?

What if there’s more than one Voice?

And both could be right?

Which one do you believe?

This Soul v. Ego Smackdown eCourse will give you clarity about which voice is your Soul and which voice is your Ego. With Tracee Sioux’s profound and simple exercises you’ll learn a breakthrough method of Soul Whispering that will change your life.

Will you say YES! to your Soul, or bow to the Ego? It’s always your choice.

With this easy, yet highly-effective, method you’ll finally know which is which.  You will be able to make better choices for the rest of your life when you know when it’s your Ego talking or your Soul talking.

Your Soul will never, ever steer you wrong . . . but the Ego?
Well, I think you know where that has gotten you.

Say YES!

102013 2Through working with Tracee, specifically with her Soul v. Ego Smackdown technique I have been able to pinpoint areas in my life where my soul was leading and areas where my ego was taking charge, this was amazing and eye opening to see where I was on track.  Tracee’s guidance has been refreshing and uplifting, really moving me out of comfortable and into amazing. ~Christie McLaughlin, Intuitive Marketing Techniques, Dallas, Texas

Anna Koclanes

Doing the Soul v. Ego Smackdown was fantastic. I did things, and listened to myself in ways I usually do not. It was really helpful to understand the difference between my soul and my ego speaking. I would recommend to anyone that they try to listen to your soul more, you will all the sudden start doing all the things you always wanted to. I signed up for a workout course and dropped some unnecessary busy work within in just an hour of learning this method!  Thank you  Tracee Sioux!

~Anna Koclanes, Naina, Fort Collins, CO


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