Mind Control & Brainwashing: Law of Attraction and Relationships


Brainwashing works. Terrorists and kidnappers know that it’s a highly effective means to get a specific outcome.

To get what you want, you must choose good Brainwashing techniques for yourself, you must get great at controlling your own mind.

That’s really what an affirmation is. It’s a Braiashing technique to force your mind to stay in the right place.

Here’s an example: You have a great business idea and your Soul is telling you to risk everything and go for it. Your Ego, on the other hand, is insisting that things like this never work out for you and you can’t take the financial risk of losing your job.

It’s your choice—absolutely and 100%—YOUR choice whether the Soul or the Ego gets to control your mind. You can allow the Ego to Brainwash you into failure or you can invite your Soul to Brainwash you into leaping off the cliff into your Soul’s purpose.

Another example: You’ve met the perfect Soul Mate. It’s so freaking obvious to your Soul that this could be everything you’ve ever asked for, everything your heart has been longing for. But, instead of feeling over-the-moon like you thought you would, panic sets in and the Ego tells you, “You’ll never get the love you need, so hold back lest your heart get trampled into smithereens again.”

Again, It’s YOUR choice—absolutely and 100%—your choice whether you make the radical move to open your heart despite the risk and Love with abandon or you can let your Ego hang onto the belief , “You’ll never get the love you need,” and hold your heart back until it’s a sure thing. But that day will never come, because the Ego knows that Love is never a sure thing. It’s always a radical leap of faith.

There’s something morbidly seductive about allowing your Ego to be “right.” There’s something terrifyingly delicious about leaping into your Soul’s Path without any guarantees and an entire history of evidence that supports the Ego rather than the Soul.

And yet . . . If the Ego wins, your Soul is left longing for what she truly wants, always longing and never en-joying, never showered in Love.

Whether it’s a business opportunity or a relationship, the Ego is a tricky little F#cker, so your Soul’s gonna need backup and tricks of her own.


Mind Control Tricks

  • Choose: This is what I really want. This is not one choice you make. This is a choice you make every. single. time. your Ego runs its mouth off telling you what’s not possible. A thought enters your mind, predicting certain catastrophe, and you have to choose again: Believe this little Liar or choose to say YES! to your Soul? And then you have to choose again. And again. And again until you’ve manifested what you really want.
  • Change the Past: You can change the past. The past is a memory of your interpretation about how things went down. It’s basically a conjuring of your mind and if your Ego has ahold of it then your interpretation of events is skewed—not in a good way. If you believe, “people like me don’t get these opportunities,” or “I’ll never get the love I need,” your Ego will find plenty of evidence to support that. But, if you INSIST that the Soul find evidence that you get opportunities all the time and that you’re life is overflowing with love, you immediately change your perception of the past. INSIST.
  • Brainwash Yourself: Affirmations work if they are repetitive and persistent. But if your brain is left to it’s own devices there’s probably too much clutter in there to even remember to repeat an affirmation. So you Brainwash yourself. You put 52 reminders on your iPhone that pop up throughout your day, everyday, My life overflows with love, there are opportunities everywhere I look, I am loveWrite them on your mirrors. Write them above your desk. Put them on your dashboard. Scribble them on your calendar. Include them in your morning meditation. Take them to a hypnotist and have him implant them in your subconscious. Everywhere you look you are reminded of this new truth. When you see them, take one breath. That’s it. Eventually you believe this new truth more than you believe the lie. Love wins.
  • Do it anyway: You need one tiny little mustard seed-sized amount of belief to move mountains. Jesus said so. Take him at his word and send the resume, apply for the business license, launch the website, go on the date, create the online dating profile, open your heart to the perfect Soul Mate who is at your door. You can be terrified out of your ever-loving mind and still walk through the door. Being fearless is not required to manifest what you want. You just have to insist on the possibility and leap, in spite of the fear.
  • Ego Surrender: Eventually the Ego does surrender, with enough persistent Mind Control and Brainwashing. And then you’re in a new place and you’ve manifested peace. Yes, it’s a lot of effort and it’s worth it.
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