The Secret Law of Attraction, What if You Already Have It?

hands-718561_640I once shopped all over town for the perfect pair of dancing shoes. I wanted a pair that would be sexy, that I could dance in all night long, that would match everything, that I could afford and that wouldn’t hurt my feet.

It’s a tall order for a pair of shoes.

I shopped all damn day and never found a pair of shoes.

Driving home I thought, what if I already have the perfect pair of dancing shoes?

I went to my closet and found a pair of nude Liz Claiborne Comfortflex strappy low heals that I had picked up brand new at a garage sale for a quarter.

And I danced all night long in those shoes for about a year. Until I wore them out.

What do you want? The Secret Law of Attraction says that if you want it … you might actually already have it.

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