How do you find the Soul?

daisy-712892_640How do you find the Soul?

First, you have to turn off the outside voices. This is your parents’ voices, your neighbors’ voices, your religion’s voices, the culture, the media, the pundits and the Internet.

Those voices can be wise, entertaining and informative. They can also be irritating, inflammatory, drama-making and wrong.

Either way, they are not your Soul.

Once you’ve turned off the outside voices you can then tune into your Soul and ask your Soul to speak.

Soul, please speak to me, I’m listening to you and I promise to hear what you have to say.

And then you have to be open and believe what your Soul is telling you.

I’ve done the Soul vs. Ego Smackdown with many people and often what I find is that your Soul has been talking to you all along … the only difference is that now you’re listening.

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