Creating a Vision Board, Knowing What You Really Want

dream boards workWhen creating a vision board knowing what you really want is 99% of the job.

What do you really want?

Now, you might think that you know what you want, we all think we want the same things: a good relationship, a nice house, sweet wheels, schmancy clothes, vacations, etc.

Except, weirdly not everyone wants what they think they want. Marketing has us programmed into believing we all want the picket fence and the four car garage and the housekeeper and the pool.

In reality there’s a vast section of society who is much happier with a downsized life of simplicity and white space.

So how to you really know what you want?

You have to tap into your Soul. You have to go inside, to that deep inner voice that already knows what will make you truly happy and what will give you peace and joy. You have to shut out the outside voices and listen IN.

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