Psychic Spring Cleaning: Help Me Change My Life

buds-103532_640 2It’s Spring Cleaning time! How can decluttering help me change my life?

Your outer world is a manifestation of your inner world. When you declutter your physical space, you declutter your psychic space.

The smell of fresh dirt fills the air and we get a natural urge to purge. You might find yourself suddenly cleaning out your closets, or going through the bin of paperwork left for another day. Your neglected desktop might suddenly need organization. You’ll go through all of last year’s business, money and paper to get your taxes ready.

All of this decluttering and organizing is a process that is fundamentally necessary for your psyche. Going through taxes illuminates what you spent money on last year, which illuminates what your priorities were. Going through my taxes I was astounded that I “afforded” trips to Sedona, Utah, Texas, Georgia, Cabo San Lucas and New York City and thousands of dollars in healing sessions.  I also bought a lot of designer chocolate, the number of receipts I found for this was amusing to me. Crossfit cost me more in chiropractic fees than the actual classes did.

What kinds of work did I do? Which projects worked better than others? Which tasks, trips, ventures, work projects do I feel happy about when I remember them and which make me cringe? Why do I have 6 sizes of clothing in my closet? What am I keeping that doesn’t fit anymore? Do I need to keep the cutest pair of orange shoes that make me feel like I’m bound like ancient Chinese torture—which I will likely never wear again?

hand-140629_640 2How can you pick flowers if your hands are full of rocks? 

If it’s not serving you toss it, declutter it, send it to the thrift store! January is a time of choosing what you want: where you want to go and how you want to live and who you want to be. February is a time when the entire Universe shifts everything around to accommodate all of the choices made in January. March is when you release what’s not going to get you where you decided to go, so that you can birth your creations! New grass doesn’t grow if you don’t go out in the yard with a rake to clear out the dead stuff.

So if you find yourself saying, wait, that’s not the client I like working with, or hey, I lost weight and there’s no reason to keep that dress, or I have always hated that stupid thing my ex-boyfriend gave me, and I guess I probably don’t want to spend my time doing that anymore . . . well, it’s good for the Soul.

In order to say YES! to your Soul’s desire, you have to say NO! to what’s keeping you from your Soul’s desire. Yes, sometimes letting go of your favorite dress that doesn’t fit anymore makes your heart a little weak, don’t be surprised when you experience a sense of loss that a relationship doesn’t fit anymore, and of course you might be upset that some of the things you like but don’t love have to be eliminated in order to make time for what your Soul really wants.

Still, once you’ve let it go, surrendered it and released it—the cathartic sense of freedom that follows makes it totally worth it.  Remember you’re that much closer to receiving what you want, when you’ve let go of what you no longer serves you.

bouquet-20978_640 2

There’s nothing inherently wrong with rocks, and your rocks probably served you, but I thought you wanted to pick the flowers. 

How can you pick flowers if your hands are full of rocks? 

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