What It’s Really Like to Work from Home (help me change my life!)

I’ve got a lot of cool things going on and coming up. (Don’t miss the blooper reel from my Soul v. Ego Smackdown eCourse at the end of the page. It’s 100% RAW & hysterical).


I’m co-hosting a FREE 8 week Psychic Spring Cleaning eCourse with Spiritual Evolution Coach Jennifer Blumenthal of Whole Being Balance starting April 1, 2014. You’ll learn how to rid yourself of Psychic & Physical Clutter. We’ll address 8 Hot Spots in your life including:

* Physical Space Clutter
* Unfinished Business & Incomplete Projects
* Information Clutter
* Body Clutter
* Chakra Clutter
* Mental Clutter
* People Clutter
* Shadow Clutter

You’ll receive 1 email per week which will include two short articles about the topic and 2 exercises: one energetic and one practical.

Spring is a time to clear, clean and unfetter yourself space and your Soul. Join the free eCourse and we’ll keep you on track. By Spring you’ll be 100 pounds lighter.

You MUST register for the event to participate in the course. Click the link, it’s FREE. https://ct155.infusionsoft.com/app/form/psychicspringcleaning2014.

I’ll also be releasing an eCourse to teach you a very effective way for you to tell the difference between what your SOUL tells you to do and what your Ego tells you to do. It’s a Soul v. Ego Smack Down or Smooch-off, whatever way you want to look at it. It’s Soul Whispering at it’s finest.

Before I do that though, I think this blooper outtake from the eCourse video is hysterical. It’s the perfect illustration for what it’s REALLY, REALLY like to work from home. Enjoy it! Don’t judge my mothering! HA!

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