Soul Path: She, Called by God

What happens when a SHE is called by God and it doesn’t, at first sight, appear to be producing fruit?

She toils and defends, tries to convince and defend.

Where are the stories – religious or Biblical – that teach a man to support his woman in her destiny, her calling, her work that is her communion with God, the painstaking moments of intimacy with God?

Mary was called by God . . . to give birth to a man who would change the world. What if it had been SHE who had been called to change the world?

Abraham was called by God and Sarah followed him into the desert. What if it was Sarah, instead, who was called by God? Would Abraham have sacrificed his family and social standing in the world to follow her to the ends of no where? Would he have let her take a lover to insure the great family line she was promised by God? God spoke as many words to Sarah and to Hagar, why do we not regard them, also, as prophets? How would we interpret it if it were written from these wives’ perspectives, rather from his?

What if there were a book full of women who had been called by God and the men were the supporting cast, the ones who had to marry them, the ones who had to give them children, the ones who had to, with faith, go along with these inner callings that seemed so baffling to the one not called by God?

What if Eve made the right choice, the one God needed her to, for without her not another soul on Earth would have been born?

It is conceivable that this has been happening throughout history. But, that no one has noticed, or the women have been shut up and told to obey her husband and the rules and the hierarchy and keep her place . . . at the birthing bed, doing dishes, going about their daily women’s work.

I have to wonder though . . . what if SHE is called by God?

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