Law of Attraction and Relationships: Ding & Dash

We crept through the dark of night, hunched over, on tip-toes, pulses racing . . .

Shhhhhh! Be quiet they’ll hear you.

Go up to the door, drop the bag, ding the bell and meet me back at the car. We’ll drive away with the doors open so its quieter!

Mommy, you do it, I’m scared! What if they see me?

What if they see you? It’s not like we’re egging their house (they don’t know what this is yet). We’re leaving them a treat, we’re here for good purposes. . . now go do it . . .

tip toe, creeping, creeping, . .  . ding dong . . . giggling, giggling . . .

Run! Run!! SSSHHHHHH! Here they come.

Door opens and closes. .  .

We’re safe and giggling, the adrenaline is shooting through our veins, making us  a little high. I feel 25 years younger. Zack’s having a full on adrenaline rush from the pure joy of it as his little legs squat behind a car and wait.

If you’re out of the loop, Booing is when you leave treats, secretly, on your neighbors door and they, in turn, must leave secret treats on two other neighbors doors. We were booed twice and had to Boo four houses. You leave a poem and a note that says “This house has been Boo’d go find another one.”

The kids think this is so awesome that they don’t just want to “Boo” people on Halloween, they want to “Thank” neighbors for Thanksgiving and “Gift” them at Christmas and “Love” them on Valentine’s Day.

I can not wait to take them Toilet Papering!

If you’re ready to take the next step and bring forth all the positive energy that you deserve, the look into Law of Attraction.

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