Life Coach: Glee Got Racy?

Hanging out on Facebook I’ve seen some racy photos of Glee cast members a little naked in GQ Magazine. I saw it first on Revolution of Real Women and then my good friends at Shaping Youth and Pigtail Pals.

The photos were . . .


You can see what they are.

But, what I found most confounding are the comments on Facebook from all the parents who are letting their tweens and teens watch this show.

Revolution of Real Women writes, “A show that has (mostly) been a positive influence in the media… a show that is SO popular they haven’t needed to look for controversial ways to get press… has stepped into sleazetown. Shame on the producers of Glee for allowing this.”

What? I’m a Gleek. I enjoy the show and love how they handle controversy. But, to me the show IS controversy itself. It takes the most controversial aspects of American life, puts it in a high school setting around show tunes and plays with it.

What is uncontroversial about . . . .

  • Two high school cheerleaders whose proclaimed goal it is to sleep with every boy on the football team, and who fool around with each other when the boys are busy. Sex is a toy for both of them and there are no feelings involved. Brittany, most recently, took a wheelchair-confined nerd’s virginity and caused his heart to break. (Those photos are “sexualization of girls,” but the story lines of these two characters are somehow not?)
  • Will Schuester’s wife attempted to steal/buy/adopt/extort (I was never sure which) his student’s baby last year, while faking a pregnancy.
  • The Jewish mohawked bad-boy fooled around with the Jewish girl, instead of his usual “anyone he can sleep with,” in an attempt to please his parents.
  • The head cheerleader got pregnant, lied about who the father was, and then gave the baby up for adoption.
  • The head Gleek herself, yes the one pictured in the above photos (which do no justice to her character) is really an ambitious performer with big, big dreams and not a lot of ethics around what she’ll do or who she’ll use to achieve her dreams, has two gay dads and last year found her mother who turned out to be ill-equipped to carry on a relationship with her.
  • The stereotypical gay boy is openly gay, but continues to call his sort-of-step-brother a homophobe for drawing a boundary that said, “I’m straight and you’re freaking me out every time you try to sleep with me.”
  • The Cheer Coach, the hysterical Sue Sylvester, is opportunistic  and downright evil and fills every conversation with sexist remarks, racist remarks and whatever you call inappropriate and insulting remarks to handicapped people and everyone else.
  • In every episode someone is getting bullied, the adults bully the adults and the children bully the children and there is a lot of cross-over between them.

What surprises me is that week after week people can watch all this “high school” drama, this fun and campy theater of the insane, and believe they are watching good, clean television fit for young children or teenagers. Maybe these people just need a new life coach to help them see a different view on life.

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