Seven Random and Weird Things

In response to a meme by Marjorie at 280 Main Street. A meme is what bloggers do if they like you – yea! It’s like blogger approval. I’m digging that.

  • I was on the front page of the newspaper in Lithuania. I was teaching English there. It was considered improper for women to smoke on the street. A photographer caught me smoking on the street during the International Smoke Out. Due to the language barrier, I didn’t know about the smoke out. I would’ve done it anyway. It wasn’t a good photo – I had burned my bangs while trying to light my smoke on a gas stove and they were mid-grow out. I quit smoking this year.
  • I used to wimp-out when people would say, “It’s too competitive.” There are several moments in my life where I wish I hadn’t chickened out of opportunities. I’m learning to say, “Well, maybe I’m that good.”
  • I’m actively testing Biblical promises and the Law of Attraction to get what I really want. It’s working. Especially for garage sale where I found four already hemmed jeans with the exact right waste, leg, brand and sizes.
  • I love being in my 30s – I feel so much more powerful and validated now. I’m starting to love cliches, because they are true like, “youth is wasted on the young.”
  • I feel freed from my biological clock now that I’m done having children. I’m feeling a sense of sanity that was never there before. Like all my thoughts and actions were somehow biologically skewed to make sure I got married and had children. Now that I’m done I feel free to be more authentically me, only censored.
  • I’m resistant to organization and new technology. I get frustrated learning new things and avoid them until I can’t avoid them anymore (just got a cell phone this year – actually three, since my kids destroyed my first two). I finally had to start keeping a weekly calendar and a password spreadsheet.
  • I have hemochromatosis. It’s a rare hereditary condition where my body doesn’t process iron correctly. Iron is poisonous in high doses so they bleed me. About 8% of the population has it. I was extremely lucky to find out about it in my 20s, so it is unlikely to effect my health or life expectancy. However, it does make me uninsurable through private insurance. Thank Goodness my husband has a corporate job which is required to insure me. I’ve been denied life insurance too.

I’m going to tag Jlogged, Queen of Violets, Mrs. Blogoway, The Wardrobe Miser, Babylune, and Black Market Beauty (this chick is conjuring up her own make up recipes.) and Blue Milk.

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