Mother-Daughter Self Image


This is Ainsley’s Madmen self image. She doesn’t get to watch Madmen, but she hyjacked my self image, so I stepped back and  let her create herself.

This is my self image. I tried to be as realistic as possible.


This may say a lot about how we feel about ourselves. Or it might be meaningless.

Some similarities – we don’t have the same nose in real life, but we did agree that the nose choices available were all pretty ugly. So we picked this one. Which says more about our beauty ideal than the noses on our faces, I guess.

We both chose classic dresses, most likely because there weren’t more slutty choices.

We do have the same bob hair. We both went for the donut, but I put mine back and picked up the martini glass and a cigarette. Then I remembered I quit for the kids and put them back. We both picked pearls, smiles and blue eyeshadow. Cause, duh.

Her eyebrows are more natural, mine are more highly-arched. Gimme a few years and our eyebrows will be identical via tweezer.

Go over to to check out your own self image.

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