Manifesting Love is Tricky

coast-631925_640Love is a tricky word. It has so many meanings and connotations that you would think the word is useless. It’s not of course, but it’s so laced with things that suck that I developed some issues around it that was blocking what I wanted from my life.

Words carry vibration, power and meaning. That’s the premise of this word play, so try to follow me here.

Love, in our human language, is used for saying we think a pair of shoes are pretty, we remember fondly our friend we knew in the 10th grade, we had a crush on our first boyfriend, that our father fathered us, that we commit to our husband, that we care for our children, that we enjoyed a movie, that we’re flattered by our latest hairstyle. We even use it in reference to our feelings about the battering boyfriend and the date rapist and the exhusband and the desperate longing of unrequited feelings.

One word. All of that and 10 million other feelings are all named Love.

Now Love is an energy. One of the most powerful on the planet. But is it accurate to say that the energy of Love when referring to a favorite band the same as the energy of Love when referring to your newborn baby? Can the same word signify the same feeling between the unrequited affection and the husband you’ve shared a life with for 40 beautiful years?

I don’t think so. When we say we want to find Love—and the word is carrying the vibration of ALL of life—I’m thinking we’re likely to get more of what we really want if we get more specific.

Because, frankly, I’ve had enough of certain kinds of “Love” and wish that nonsense into my life again. And I don’t care who you are, but you have too.

To resolve the clenchy fear I was feeling when I was wishing love into my life in terms of a boyfriend, I started asking for a new kind of love and describing it in different ways: He is generous and kind, he is supportive and loving, I love serving and worshiping him as a form of God, as he does me.

The blanket word “Love” carries so much distorted energy that I recommend you get way more specific about what you’re really looking for.

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