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Loving Yourself Enough To Let Yourself Go

self loveWhen you start living by your Soul your old life will die.

You won’t think the same thoughts. You will probably dress and act differently. You will have different feelings about yourself, your life, all of your relationships, your future, and all of the world around you.

You will literally start becoming a different person. You will be reborn into your life. Your Soul will remain the same, but you will start shedding all of the psychic garbage, past wounds, and general junk that has been holding you back.

Your light will shine brighter because it won’t have to work as hard to push past the junk you’ve been coated in. It won’t have to force itself through the limiting thoughts and nonsense that have somehow convinced you along the way that the best possible thing that you could do for yourself would be to settle.

But it’s safer. That’s what everyone expects me to do. I’ve already been there, so I know how it works out if I keep making the same choices. If I make the safe choices. 

But you’re not going where everyone else is going. You’re going where your Soul tells you to go. You’re being baptized by god stuff within you and around you. You’re allowing the incredible Divine Sparks of joy, brilliance, and pure energy within you to radiate through the entirety of your being.

You have to trust your self. Your true self. Your soul-self. You need to let your Soul start speaking in you and through you into your life. Let your Soul work its magic. Let the abundance and exultant exuberant joy of the world make love to your life. Love yourself enough to let your Ego-self go. I’m here to support you when you’re ready.

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