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The Importance of Self Care

busyness to businessOne of the things I really got hammered into me during my Year of YES! was the importance of good self care. When you are consciously seeking to expand your awareness, increase your abundance and joy, and move into your Genius Zone you need to take care of all aspects of your being.

Your beautiful body is the house of your Soul. If you want your light to shine, then I strongly recommend taking the time, effort, and energy to focus on giving your Soul as healthy a home as possible to be in. The process of growing and stretching into your full power as an infinite being takes some serious commitment. Your stuff will challenge you. Shit will come out of the woodwork. You may be rolling along great, making awesome progress, getting in touch with your soul, building clients, and before you know it, you’re burning yourself out.

I learned after I broke my clavicle.

My soul kept telling me to SLOW DOWN. It whispered. It suggested. It recommended. It begged. It yelled at me, and I still didn’t listen.

After I feel down a full flight of stairs, I decided I’d better sit the heck up and start listening.

My Soul was a little pissed. I was too. I had known better. I had heard the whispers. I had heard the yells. I. didn’t. stop.

I wanted to keep going. I had things to do. I had projects to write. I had relationships to take care of. Who was I to slow down?

Who was I not to?

Who are you not to?

If you’re going to invest in your business, you need to invest in stopping the busy-ness. You need to care for your body. You need to care for your Soul. All of you. Every aspect of you. A good life coach can help you through that process, help you see when you need to slow down, and support you all along the way. Your life doesn’t get better by speeding up. Ask me about it. tracee@traceesioux.com

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