receiving your worth

Listen To Your Soul and Live Abundance

receiving your worthAbundance, believe it or not, is a natural state of the Soul. You were born of god-stuff. You are the physical manifestation of an infinite being with incredible knowledge, power, potential, and gifts that have yet to be unveiled. Marianne Williamson was right when she said that we are scared of our power. We are scared to let ourselves be seen.

We bathe ourselves over, and over, and over, and over again in our past miseries. In our past mistakes. In our past stories. And they are all stories.

So we live stories of unworthiness. We live stories of brokenness. We live stories of scarcity and poverty (In love and in life). We live out stories that our great-great-grandparents wrote down to us through their DNA and passed along in dysmorphic familial disappointments. We didn’t just get great-grandma’s beautiful eyes, we got her constant fear of being poor too.

We live stories of not sexy enough. Or not rich enough. Or not smart enough.

Well here’s a tip from a woman who used to make her living writing stories…

You can change them.

You don’t have to live the same stories that you’ve always lived. You don’t have to pass around poverty and pessimism like they’re Aunt Trudy’s dinner rolls. Heat and reserve with every major family holiday.

It’s time to take back the story of your life.

You were meant for more. You have always been more. You were created from more. It’s no wonder your soul keeps screaming at you to get up and leave the table. You’re starving, and it’s not because there’s nothing being served. You are soul-starved because you haven’t been feeding yourself with real substance. It’s time to start giving yourself something of value. It’s time to start saying YES! And you can find out more by downloading a free chapter from my Year of YES! above.

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