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conflict-405744_640I’ve been studying Law of Attraction for nine years now. During that time I’ve taken numerous courses, read a ridiculous number of books and blogs and articles, listened to information, gone to workshops, and participated in various kinds of masterminds and conscious group coaching programs.

In other words, I’ve extensively studied, experimented and monitored my results and the results of those around me.

For the first part of my Law of Attraction study and experiment I practiced alone, stuck in Texas in a very Evangelical part of the world with virtually no like-minded believers. I lived with a man who thought it—and everything I was trying to accomplish with it—was “ridiculous.” My results were lukewarm at best. Everything was hard. It felt like walking through quick sand to a destination only to start banging my head against a wall. Trying to muster up enthusiasm with a never-believing husband was painful and sad.

Finally, we moved to Colorado and there were like-minded believers in Law of Attraction and manifesting through spiritual law. It was like finally taking a hot shower after 20 years in a desert walking toward a mirage. I took classes and sat in on group meditations and went to a church that believed in Law of Attraction and I created masterminds. Things manifested faster and I was able to achieve more of my goals. Of course, I was still married to a man who didn’t believe, was critical and downright discouraging. He hated what I was doing and constantly told me to quit. It was grief-worthy and sad. I had support outside of my home, outside of my marriage, but I longed for the primary support in my life.

And then we got a divorce. And I surrounded myself with like-minded believers, like-minded thinkers and like-minded manifestors. Now, my entire social experience is one where everything I talk about—manifesting, releasing limiting beliefs, living by Spiritual Law, Law of Attraction and money, Law of Attraction and relationships, Dream Boards and God and the Universe and the feminine and finding your Soul’s Purpose and living by it—now all of my people from friends to lovers to Maxcelerators in my mastermind are speaking the same language, holding each other up.

Now things happen faster and easier than they ever did before. Because group energy is super powered and the people in our lives directly effect our results. If you’re hanging out with unsupportive people then you’re paying the price for their negativity whether you realize it or not. If you’re hanging out with supportive people and you know they are “for you” then you’re seeing the fruit of your labors grow quicker and faster than ever before.

Who are you hanging out with? Are you ready to be truly supported? Maxcelerators Mastermind is the place for you.

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