Law of Attraction’s Missing Link

Do you have everything you want? That inner peace knowing that you’re doing what you’re meant to be doing? The ability to manifest the opportunities and choices that will make you happy?

Not yet?

You know how spiritual people love to say “get in alignment with the Universe, and then things will happen for you.”

I used to just stare blankly at them wondering, what the hell does that even mean?

Now I know what the missing link is.

Soul Purpose.

Sometimes what you’re asking for isn’t what you really want … so it doesn’t come to you. Sometimes your not getting what you want is really the Universe and the Soul saying, “Hey you’re going the wrong way! You’re meant to be over here!”

During my Year of YES! I realized that my Soul was already “in alignment” with the Universe. The trick was to stop resisting my Soul and to just say YES! to what she already knows will lead me to love, joy, happiness, play, rest, abundance, meaning and purpose.

Maxcelerators is designed to help you tap into your Soul’s Purpose. And then Manifest it.

Yes, in my Maxcelerators group coaching program, I’ve promised to help you live time a new way by inventing something called Time Sex and changing your to-do lists to Joy-gasms. I’ve also promised classes about money and promised that I won’t make you go bankrupt to join the party. I’ve included spreadsheets about how to account for the Joy Factor when making choices about how to spend your time and money. I’ve included classes about how to tap into your Soul’s Purpose and clear your mind and heart of old limiting beliefs that don’t work for you anymore. And all that is highly valuable, life-changing stuff. It is. Really.

And for the price —$222—for the whole freaking year it’s a no-brainer to join and soak up all the high vibrational juju.

But the whole point is to help you discover and say YES! to your Soul’s Purpose. When you do that … the Universe rolls out the red carpet for you and miracles land at your feet.

Don’t take my word for it. Listen to what last year’s Maxcelerators have to say about the effectiveness of this group coaching program. The results are tangible.

I have begun taking steps forward that I never would have without Tracee. I started a business and I am moving into the adventurous life I’ve always dreamed of. ~Cassie Vojta, Maxcelerators

I bought a house with only a part-time job, as a single mother and a fulltime student. Getting the mortgage was a miracle. ~Jenni Lea, Maxcelerators

My home life, my work life and Naina my wellness center are all coming together and I am so grateful. Thank you so much Tracee Sioux! ~ Anna Koclanes, Maxcelerators

Tracee has helped me realize that nothing is impossible. Since becoming a part of her law of attraction mastermind I have gone from being a struggling single mother that is on public assistance to being more successful than ever. My romantic relationship sets the bar super high for what I deserve and makes me a better version of myself. ~Christina Verg, Maxcelerators

Tracee has given me more effective tools and ideas and has helped me stay motivated until results have flowed in. I am more positive and attracting what I desire almost all of the time as opposed to part of the time. I feel more supported, as well. ~ C.J. McDaniel, Maxcelerators

What are you waiting for? It’s only $222 for a whole year of YES!

Make 2015 your Year of YES! That’s a Dare.

(Remember, the Ego loves same. It will keep you trapped in the same go-nowhere job, with the same crappy relationship, living in the same janky neighborhood, standing in the food stamp line rather than make a change like this.)

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