Dad makes more money than YOU!?!?!

Dad makes more money than YOU?!?!?! my daughter asked incredulously.

It was probably the best compliment I’ve ever gotten. Because for a year-and-a-half after the divorce I was either feeding the kids from the food bank or I was checking my bank statement in the grocery line to make sure my debit card wasn’t going to get declined. And yet … I took six trips that year, including taking my children to New York City for Christmas, we never were out of fresh fruit and veggies, they had new school clothes and shoes and we had a well-kept, safe and loving home.

The next year-and-a-half I made a lot more money, but our lifestyle didn’t increase by much because I invested everything back into the business.

I’m investing in our future, I told them. And because I talk about my business with them and they sometimes sit in on business meetings they are on board with this. And … everything on the dream boards manifest, the important things are always a priority and we always get what we really, really want.

Conversely, people who make a hell of a lot more money than 99% of the world population, “can’t afford it.” It doesn’t matter what income they actually make, it seems that in the wealthiest country on earth no one can afford it. It’s a collective mental illness.

In Maxcelerators, Maximize and Accelerate your Soul’s Purpose in Business and Life we don’t do money that way.

We look to the Universe to give us what we want: Abundance. Vacations, experiences, adventures and thrill rides—YES! Houses, businesses, cars, designer boots: YES! Deals, contracts, clients: YES! Money: YES! YES! YES!!

Now, I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that I never have money frustration. It’s sometimes a real struggle for me. I get caught up in believing that I don’t have enough of it, or terrified that I’m bankrupt and destitute because I invested everything, and frustrated and angry that it’s not looking how I want it to look right freaking NOW! But, that’s why Maxcelerators has value.

My people can talk me down and help me remember that I’m part of the New Rich. I have lived a six-figure lifestyle on $30k. I took a weeklong trip to Sedona for a customized retreat with $200 in my pocket and came home $400 richer. How? I said YES! to my Soul’s instruction to go. Could I afford it? Well, I did. Somehow.

And my bestie Jenni just bought a house. Jenni doesn’t have a fulltime job and she’s a student. She doesn’t make a ton of money and it should have been impossible for her to get a mortgage. Yet. She just moved into her Dream House. How? She put it on her Dream Board.

This stuff happens when a group of Like-Believing, Like-Minded, Like-Hearted people stand together and insist on abundance and prosperity. This stuff happens so regularly with Maxcelerators that we’re not shocked when it happens again. We are still thrilled with the miracle, but it’s not shocking. There are courses in the program about manifesting money, including the Money~Magnet MasterCourse.

That said, I believe in the Laws of Money and best practices. Which is why I’m not shelling out $12,000 for a group coaching program. It doesn’t make sense for me to commit to something like that, which would throw me into anxiety about being able to make the payments and which would suck up the resources I need to actually grow my business. And it’s not because I don’t have faith in myself. It’s not because I don’t really believe in my business. But, the reason my kid believes I make more money than her father, though I don’t, is because I’m not stupid with money. I take risks—for sure—but they are calculated and sound and my Soul tells me it’s gonna be OK.

Now, I just got an email from a popular coach who sells $12,000 to $20,000 group coaching programs which has a similar structure to Maxcelerators. She was looking for a salesperson. In the ad she said she wants Bulldog Sales, when people say No you just keep calling and never stop.

In several coaching sales presentations that I’ve sat through I’ve heard coaches encourage people who are up to their ears in debt, with zero income from their business, to incur $2,500 to $12,000 more debt to join their group coaching program.

And I’ve heard about some of the results of these programs. A few have made a ton of money. Many have scraped by, spending all of their company’s earnings on the coaching program. But, others … others have fallen behind on payments and been unable to finish the program. Others have not had huge success with their business and they’re stuck paying giant credit card bills for years though their business didn’t pan out with the promised results. You just didn’t believe enough is the coach’s out.

I just can’t stomach it.

I believe in leaping off the cliff onto the flying carpet, which will whisk you away to your dream life.

And I provide private coaching. Compared to the typical coaching package it’s an unbeatable deal, which provides significantly better results because you get better information and support and also because you still have money in your budget to manifest and invest in your Soul’s Purpose. All of your income is not going to me and you’re not incurring a mountain of debt which does not serve your Soul.

But, even though my private coaching prices are significantly lower than other coaches, and even though the success I’m seeing in my clients is phenomenal, there are some people who just shouldn’t be investing in it because their financial situation won’t support it.

That’s legit, people. The Laws of Economics are at play here. So are the Laws of Soul-conomics. Which means if you’re thrown into a panicked tizzy about money, because you’re paying everything to a coach that’s an abundance crisis that will eat away at your Soul and will repel joy and money and will keep you chronically overwhelmed and busy with little return.

For some, a private coaching package is a calculated investment in their Soul’s Purpose that’s inevitably going to pay off. But some people are just not financially ready.

Which is why I created this group coaching program, Maxceleratores: Maximize and Accelerate your Soul’s Purpose in Business and Life.

It’s $222 for the entire year of group coaching calls, weekly #yesdare challenges (simple yet effective 10-20 minute challenges), a private FB group and unlimited access to every course I’ve created and every course I will create in 2015.

This is a calculated investment that you can afford to make regardless of your current circumstances. If you take this easy peasy risk with a one-time payment that’s not going to burden you for an entire year—and you actually participate—then next year the odds are very, very high that you’ll be ready for a private coaching program.

I believe in coaching—both private and group—but I also believe that sinking yourself in debt is the opposite of manifesting abundance.

Say YES! to Maxcelerators instead of a program that’s going to feel more like a burden than like support.

Say YES!

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