Law of Attraction and Relationships, Magnetize Your Lover to You

hearts-37308_640I want to find my Perfect Match is a nice little affirmation for using Law of Attraction and Relationships.

I like this affirmation because it allows God/the Universe to be specific as to who your Perfect Match might be. Since you haven’t met this person yet, you don’t really have all the information.

Also, if you’re single now, it might be a sign that “your picker is broken,” (as a therapist once informed me that mine was).

But, an even better affirmation is My Perfect Match and I are drawn to each other now. I like this much better because the *I* in the previous affirmation is one sided, it carries the vibration of being in this alone (which has a faint stink of desperation),

Think of magnets. There are two. A positive and a negative. A male and a female.

One is not drawn to the other alone. They are drawn to each other. If you hold them up as an experiment one magnet does not stay in place while the other moves to it. They snap together as quickly as possible, with both moving to the other at equal speeds.

So think of this, here at Valentine’s Day. Your Perfect Match is being drawn to you as you are to s(h)e. Both at the same pace. Both meeting at the same time in the same place, as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

We’re talking about Law of Attraction and Manifesting Relationships in greater detail over at Maxcelerators. Maybe your Perfect Match is here, drawing you in?!? It could happen.

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