February, Chrysalis Month & Dream Boards

IMG_5890You made a snazzy Dream Board in January. You got all pumped up and excited, I’m going to do this and this and this and this!!! you ambitiously declared.

I love that about you.

The whole entire world participates in this ritual. We plan, resolve, and set goals. We look into the future and optimistically declare our intentions to be better, lose weight, be kinder, be more loving, make more money, eat right and write that book.

And you’re serious this time.

Then. February. Every year it falls apart in February.

The reality of what it means to live by that new budget, get up at 5 am to go to the gym, stare at a blank piece of paper with 250 pages to go and take a pass at that evening glass of wine. And it’s not so fun or easy anymore.

We look at the Vision Board and get a little melancholy. Wait, that’s not how I thought it was going to go down.

Don’t give up! This will take a minute, but you’re simply in a holding pattern. Which is exactly where you need to be.

Think of a caterpillar. It’s slowly crawling along and starts dreaming of being a butterfly.

It will be so grand, I’ll have beautiful orange and blue wings, I’ll flit from roses to apple trees, I’ll fly so high and feel so free!

And then the caterpillar spins it’s own cocoon, transmutes into a chrysalis and it’s entire life goes on hold. Essentially it goes from slow and steady movement to paralysis. And it waits, it turns to non-functioning jelly and rebuilds itself into something new. But nothing appears to happen for a long time. Confined. Waiting. And I imagine frustrated.

But, I was going to fly! This isn’t what I asked for at all, the caterpillar complains.

Until. It is transmuted.

A butterfly at last.

Its February is over and Spring is here and it’s finally time to be the butterfly.

Just hang on and try to enjoy the stillness.

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