I Hate Hillary!

Maybe you’re one of the people who disagree with me politically. Maybe you like the current health care system, don’t have a problem with current employment policy, would love to see Row V. Wade overturned. In other words, maybe you’re a Republican.

Okay, I can respect that. Almost everyone I know and love is a Republican. I grew up Mormon and married a Texan. Very Republican both.

As an advocate for girls let me make the following plea on behalf of your daughter:

Please, please, please speak respectfully of the one and only female candidate ever for President of the United States – Hillary Clinton.

What you say about Hillary Clinton has the potential to translate to your daughters as your opinion of all women (including your daughter) seeking power.

I vividly remember asking my parents what the Equal Rights Amendment was as a child. I remember them telling me that it was a bill to make women equal to men. And they were voting against it.

Here’s how that translated to a six-year-old girl: My parents are voting against ME! Why would they do that?

What you might say instead of I Hate Hillary Clinton! might be, I think a woman would make a wonderful President, I just don’t agree with this particular woman’s political views on health insurance.

It would be helpful, for your daughter, to avoid vague negative statements about Hillary’s suitability as a role model for girls. Instead you could say, I think it’s wonderful that a female has gotten this far in American politics. It’s wonderful that women are becoming more powerful and ambitious. I just don’t agree with her views on abortion or the economy.

If you minimize and criticize the significance of Hillary’s presence in this race you minimize and criticize your daughter’s potential.

It’s Super Tuesday: Take your daughter to vote with you and show her what being empowered in a democracy means.

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