How to Publish Your Book

books-441866_640Tracee Books!

I looked down at my hand to see that I had written this phrase in ink on my own hand. It was completely subconscious and I laughed at the sillyness of it.

I was at a Hay House conference, if you don’t know the story Hay House was started with Louise Hay, who wrote a little self-help book called You Can Change Your Life. The book became a classic and she started with a little pamphlet she was selling out of the back of her car at events. Now it’s one of the largest self-help publishing companies in the world.

Later in the conference I looked down and saw that I had written in my journal, Your going to start a publishing company, during a meditation.

I laughed and thought, maybe someday.

But, before the year was out I had launched Sioux Ink. It was a no brainer business decision when I was publishing The Year of YES!

Since then, Sioux Ink has started publishing other people’s Soul Purpose books. Again, it’s a no brainer business decision for authors.

Do you have a book that needs to be born? Do you have something you need to say to bring light into the world?

Do you have services you need to sell?

Do you you need a book to establish credibility and industry expertise with a book?

Contact me at and let’s talk about whether Sioux Ink is the right fit for you.

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