Writing is Creative Discipline, How to Finish a Book

book-774837_640Since the explosion of the Internet, everyone thinks they can be a writer. They’ll pop a blog online, maybe start a Tumblr account, and start saying the things they’ve always wanted a forum to say.

And two weeks later they’re out of topics and have no audience. The apathy kills their project and they feel defeated. On to a new project … perhaps a book!

Sound familiar? Ringing any bells?

Here’s the thing about any creative profession. It’s not built on talent. It’s built on craft. And humility. And discipline and a fucking insane refusal to quit.

Talent is only a small piece of whether you’re able to finish a book, whether you’re able to maintain a blog, whether you’re able to make a living from the Word.
Creativity thrives with structure and direction. If you need help figuring out how to finish a book, shoot me a message and we can talk about what kind of structure will induce creativity in you, tracee@traceesioux.com.

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