How Do You Spell Zac Efron?

by Tracee Sioux

I found myself facing a modern-day dilemma when my 6-year-old daughter, Ainsley, started surfing the net.

I suppose in my mind it I thought it would go something like this:

My 10-year-old daughter would come to me and say, Mom, I need to do a report in school. Is it okay if I learn to Google now?

Of course, Darling, but you know the Internet has a lot of issues with inappropriate content, so we need to go over a list of rules about opening email and files and what pages are off-limits.

Yeah okay. Here’s how that went in real life.

Mom. Log me on to

I obeyed.

How do you spell Zac Efron?

Z-A-C – space – E-F-R-O-N

After 15 minutes of watching Oprah and folding laundry, I look over at the computer screen and realize my 6-year-old daughter has been randomly clicking entertainment gossip blogs and tabloid websites (read: soft porn). It’s only a matter of time before Zac Efron’s girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens, appears naked on our computer screen. Not to mention all those nasty text ads advertising the actual sale of girls, she might randomly click.

Ainsley, I think you should go read a book or something.

After the kids are in bed,Honey, I think it’s time to install the Internet Safety software, immediately. Ainsley learned to Google today.

Hop on over to the Internet Safety Advisor for Parental Safety Tips for guidelines on how to allow children to safely navigate their first movie-star crush.

And please, leave all the advice you’ve got on good software and effective rules.

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