First Female Primary Winner

I hope you shared this moment, when the first woman ever won a United States Presidential Primary, with your daughters last night.

Regardless of your political leanings, I sincerely hope that the significance of Hillary Clinton’s participation in the democratic process is not going unnoticed.

I also hope you watch what you say about her femininity in front of your girls, whether you agree or disagree with her politics.

For parents of girls this is no time to be laissez fair about the first female presidential candidate of the most powerful national on earth.

When so much of the media exposure portrays women as sex objects or a joke, and the national feminine chatter is about the battle to be beautiful or catch a man, it is vital that girls see a woman on the national political scene being taken seriously.

I think the psychological impact of having a female Commander in Chief would have on our daughters is as relevant to the race as anything else. As a woman, I need to see it and my daughter needs to see if even more.

When we were growing up, women in the media were primarily portrayed as housewives, because sex was highly censored. With the increased sexualization of women in the media, it’s even more of a struggle for girls to grow up strong and confident.

Last night when Hillary was in the lead in New Hampshire, Ainsley and I shared a high five that made me a choke up. For her, maybe anything really can be possible. As a mother, that’s the reality I want for her.

Certainly, witnessing a woman being taken seriously about real issues will make girls feel more legitimate, valid, and ambitious.

Don’t miss this opportunity, call your daughter over to the computer and watch the acceptance speech right now.

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