Law of Attraction Action Pack

One of the things most important things I want to teach my daughter is how to make her life happen, as opposed to allowing life happen to her.

I want to give her power. Power to do or be anything she chooses. I don’t want her to be limited by the past. I don’t want her limited by history. I don’t want her limited economically or politically or socially.

I want her to know how to dream. Then to know how to achieve her dreams. Since it’s my job to teach her these skills, and dreaming is a learned skill, I’ve been exploring these issues myself.

Can I make my dreams come true?

During this quest I saw The Secret and I’ve been experimenting with The Law Of Attraction with success (remember my new house that seemed custom-made for me?).

And see you, you are reading this blog are you not? I’ve been praying that you would come read this blog.

A month ago I attracted a Law of Attraction Mentor, Jeff Howard, who sent me his Law of Attraction Action Pack. It’s a seven day program with tools to help you focus on what you want to attract and shows you how to attract it.

While going through the process I have included my daughter. Great tools for me equal great tools for her. We’ve made dream boards and listened to the meditation exercises together.

I think it must be working for her, because you would not believe her new room. As a child, I never could have dreamed up such a room. Her new room has two closets, one of them is so big it has a reading nook and a whole rack for her dress up clothes. She even has her own bathroom! A six-year-old has her own bathroom.

As we progress in our spiritual journey or our goal-achieving quests, it’s important that we include our children in the process. Whatever the process is for us.

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