Empowering Girls: Chore Chart


Can we go out for Chinese?


I want to we go out for Chinese?


How come we can’t go out for Chinese?

Because I just took a trip and we’re going on vacation in a month and we need to save our money.

I think I need a job. I could do stuff around the house and you could pay me money for my jobs and then I could help you and Daddy pay for Chinese.

So you want to do chores for money to help us pay for stuff?

Right. I could clean mine and Zack’s room and wipe off the table and help you with laundry.

I’m not paying you to clean your own room. It’s your room, it’s your responsibility.

Right. But I could do the other stuff.

Okay, we’ll make a chart when we get home.

I think you should pay me $1 or $5 or $10.

A week?

No, a day.

Yeah. Well. I’ll pay you $5 for a whole weeks worth of chores – IF you do them ALL. We’ll put a check by your name when you do them.

Ainsley's Chores, $5 Week.

Kitchen Table (7)

Dusting (1)

Windex (1)

Clean Z's Room (3)

My Bathroom (1)

Pick up Stuff (7)

Visit Casual Keystrokes for fancy Chore Chart instructions.

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