say YES! to your Soul

Dream Board to Vision Board

say YES! to your SoulDream boards have been around for a good while. And for good reason. They help us to stay focused on the things that we want and that we’re working for. But is your board a dream board or a vision board?

Are you working on building empty dreams, or are you working on manifesting a vision?  I love the Law of Attraction. It has literally changed my life. It dissolved my financial stress, brought me physical and emotional healing, and helped me to start really living my Soul’s Purpose.

A vision board can be an incredibly powerful thing, but like all Soul work, it depends on the intention that we set with it. Our words create our Universe. I should know, I live by the Word. The ideas that we think about the world around us and the stories that we tell about ourselves and our lives can either bring us to disfunction or take us to a whole new level of joy and full-filment.

If your Soul is asking you to open your eyes to the world around you and accept MORE into your life, then a vision board can be a great tool to help you get there. I have watched clients turn their lives around in just a few months by creating vision boards with purpose and meaning. And that’s the key, right there. You need to insert intention, action, and purpose into your board. It’s not an empty Christmas wish list for what you hope the Universe will send you one day if you’re really, really good. It’s not for what you’re going to finally buy, be, live, do if you actually win the Powerball. This is about what you are co-creating with the Universe around you. This is about how you are allowing your Soul to move through you and into your life. Be intentional. Choose your story carefully. And if you want guidance, let’s talk about how working with a life coach may help you get there even faster.

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