receiving joy

Yourself A Year From Today

receiving joyClose your eyes. Where do you envision yourself a year from today? What does that look and feel like to you? Where do you want to be in a year from now?

Now remember, I’m not asking where your significant other wants you to be a year from now. Or your mom. Or your best friend.

What does your Soul want for you? Where does your Soul want to go with you? Where could your Soul take you if you let it? What amazing possibilities could open up in front of you that you’ve never dared to dream before?

Physical health? Emotional healing? Receiving love and abundance? Stepping into your greatness?

What could be possible for you if you let yourself start saying YES!? Where could you go? What dreams have you been holding back and hiding that you’ve been too nervous, and too afraid to bring out into the light?

These little seeds of hope that you’ve been holding onto, it’s time to help them grow. You have an amazing Divine Spark inside of you that’s crying to come out, bring you joy and abundance, and help the world and those around you.

In my work as a life coach I help people do exactly that. Through my tools on time management, business coaching, and publishing I help people bring their seeds of hope out into the light and make them bloom.

What if we could grow a beautiful garden in your Soul? What would you choose to grow there?

What is your Soul asking for?

It’s time to find out. Let’s talk about how intentional life coaching can help you plant your seeds of hope and joy out into the world and start bringing in the abundance and beauty that your Soul is craving.

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