soul path

Staying Pointed In The Right Direction

soul pathThe day I committed to saying YES! to myself, to my Soul, the light opened up at the end of the tunnel. The more I said YES! the brighter, bigger, and more beautiful my world got. Our Souls are infinite. They aren’t meant to live in tiny boxes and chained up with limitations. For me, that meant having the guts to stand up for my God-given Soul Purpose as a Writer and Life Coach. I knew absolutely that I was meant to be and do more than answer the phone in a craptastic job for fifteen dollars an hour. My Soul wasn’t meant to be caged into a beige cube.

Maybe my body would have survived that, but I know it would have been sentencing myself to a slow, suffocating, painful soul death.

I believe that we were all born here with a Purpose. You know what it is. It’s been singing to you sweetly in your happiest daydreams. It’s the voice that cries in anguish when you settle for “less than” moments. It’s the one that mopes in the corner when you play small. And it’s the same one that cheers ecstatically for you when you start to move in the right direction.

For some of us, we have so much practice drowning out that voice with other things that we can barely hear it anymore. You may hardly even know where to start. How do you follow your Soul when you can’t hear it anymore? Or when you keep confusing it with your silly Ego. You know, the one that wants you to focus on security and stability, and “play it smart”. The voice that sounds like your (probably) well-intentioned (and scarcity-minded) parents. That one!

We hurt when we live in our Ego. Our souls are meant for so much more than that. If you need help sorting through the crap and getting back down to what’s real, and what matters, and start bringing back in the joy and abundance in your life, then it’s time to talk.

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