Cheaping Out on Yourself?

I have had some amazing massage experiences since I made the commitment to my own healing work in a luxurious way.

And I’ve had some pretty bad experiences too.

Every single time it was because I was cheaping out on massages. I was paying rock bottom prices on Living Social and I went to a lady who charges $25 out of her house. Which sounds great, until you get there and he wants to play heavy metal music and smells like cigarette smoke and it makes wish you hadn’t stripped down to your undies. And her house is unkept, the yard is a crappy dirt hole and there are broken down muscle cars in the driveway and trash in the flowerbeds and you question how sanitary the sheets are, so you can’t relax. Incidentally both of them played Pandora during the massage, and without the upgrade to avoid commercials.

Should I care about this stuff? Is it worth getting a deal on massage?

I realized that massage and healing body and energy work is worth paying for because I’m there to heal and that requires an exchange of energy.  And both of these people had an energy that screamed lack, poverty, not enough. 

I buy many things very frugally, and there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with that, except when I’m doing it because I feel I have to.

When I get a high from scoring a badass dress at the thrift store it’s great. It’s a happy light-hearted energy of abundance! I have an amazing new dress! The Universe gifted me a pair of designer leather boots for $5! I can buy a new wardrobe for $20!

Cheaping out on myself has been a pattern though. When I’m seeing a massage therapist who’s giving me the heeby jeebies, it’s coming from a place in myself that feels like I don’t have enough. And that’s the energy that makes life suck and it withholds wonderful things from us.

Do you cheap out on yourself? Take one step toward light-hearted abundance today.

Tracee Sioux is an Authentic Power Life Coach, author of Love Distortion: Belle, Battered Codependent and Other Love Stories; and she blogs at Contact her at

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