Help Me Change My Life: Belly Flat

I went see Catherine Gregory, the Mayan Massage therapist whose hands are featured on my dream board.

I had been preoccupied with my belly area. In 2012 I gained a shocking amount of weight. I broke my clavicle and could barely move, in fact, was instructed not to lift, push or pull anything over five pounds for two months. Pounds packed on so fast I couldn’t even believe it. Add to that the incredible stress of getting a divorce.

Stress is the number one fat producer in the country. Seriously, relaxed people can eat chocolate cake for breakfast, ice cream for dinner, pizza for lunch and drink beer in copious amounts and they would still be thin. Stress is a fat manufacturer. And where does stress fat end up?

The belly.

The belly is also the area of creativity. It is the womb area, the place where life literally manifests from the creation of pleasure (at least one orgasm occurs so someone is in pleasure). It is the place, also where food is digested, where we absorb nutrients and eliminate waste. If the belly is out of balance with fat, constipation or indigestion it’s a symptom that the Sacral Chakra is not in balance, that we are unable to digest the events of our life.

The womb is the center of a woman’s being, and it is often where women store emotional pain. Enter PMS, irregular or painful periods, pain during sex, fibroids and other pelvic issues.

Because I am a writer, this chakra is an essential part of my being. My stomach was full of knots, literal knots of tissue where it had been clenched for so long that the fascia was hardened. My stomach was distended and bloated. I was ashamed, embarrassed and self-conscious. And spending way to much time thinking about it, and negatively so.

What you focus on expands. Which means that the more frustrated and preoccupied I was with it, the bigger and more noticeable it got. Hating something brings more of it into your life.

The only solution is to love it away. So, while I didn’t embrace the idea of having a bulging belly, I do spend time massaging it with love and meditating health and vitality and light into the area.

Gregory gave me a seriously healing, releasing massage complete with intuitive visioning. She taught me how to self-administer belly massages for myself everyday. And I’ve been doing them. She also gave me health tips like stop taking progesterone and take Chaste Berry Tree tincture to support my natural hormone process.

I’m loath to admit it but since I took her challenge to go on a two-week gluten fast, my stomach is flattening. My ego got pretty defensive about the gluten bit because gluten is quite hard to avoid.

My stomach is being loved back to flat.

Try putting some love and light into an area of your body that you’re not as in love with as say, your breasts. My breasts are so amazing that I want to have sex with myself every time I look at them. Truth.

Help me change my life?  That’s what Tracee Sioux does every day for her clients.  To find out more, click here.

Tracee Sioux is an Authentic Power Life Coach, author of Love Distortion: Belle, Battered Codependent and Other Love Stories; and she blogs at Contact her at

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