Bad Word

by Tracee Sioux

Mommy, Kinsey called me a bad word!

Oh no. What did she call you?


So this is what bad mother Karma feels like. I so wish I had been nicer to my mother. Where once my main goal in life was to not become my mother, I now realize there are WAY worse people to be. I’d be lucky to be as kind, generous and loving and together as my mother.

The other day someone said, That must have been hard for you.

We were discussing how my mother actually taught me real homemaking skills like sewing, cooking and cleaning that I thought were passe. I believed feminism would save me from that fate.

I guess, as a kid I didn’t appreciate that some mothers leave. Some mothers beat their kids. Some mothers work three jobs and are never home. Some mothers involve a litany of different father-figures in their kids’ lives. Some mothers don’t care if you do your homework or graduate. Some mothers give you their cigarettes instead of punishing you for smoking.

I actually do sew. Sometimes for fun. My friends are jealous that I have this antiquated and exotic feminine skill. They bring me their favorite clothes and beg me to fix them. They ask me to teach them these nearly-dead feminine arts. They ask for my recipes.

My parents were right – I just didn’t know how good I had it. I really thought every kid got it as good as me.

Now if only I could convince Ainsley – There are way worse names to be called than Tracee.

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