Year of Yes! 13 Weeks to Get it Done in 2013!


To Do List

  • Write Year of Yes!
  • Rebrand
  • Logo
  • Website
  • Write Newsletter
  • Create Soft Letter List
  • Send Soft Letters
  • Write ebook
  • Invent New Business Model
  • Create Packages and Programs
  • Write online eCourse
  • Re-SEO all 970+ blogs
  • Re-categorize all 970+ blogs

This has been my To-Do list for every month in 2013. I get up every Monday and make a To-Do list and write down some version of these same things every single week. I’ve not been procrastinating. I’ve not been putting anything off. What I have been doing is laying groundwork, working behind the scenes, strategizing, taking classes, preparing and doing the creative genius work that has to happen for all of this to manifest.

This To-Do list will NOT follow me into 2014!!! 

I’m just not going to have it. I have 13 weeks to knock everything off this list and it’s going to happen. I feel like a squirrel hastily gathering nuts, knowing that winter is coming.

This squirrel needs some help to pull it off though, which is where my team of designers, copywriters and assistants comes in.

By 2014 my To-Do list will be free and clear to welcome the fresh new projects my Soul path wants to feed her creative genius with. Think of it . . . a fresh To-Do list. With last year’s visions manifest, it leaves the entire Universe open for 2014!


Are you going to walk in to 2014 with 2013 chasing you down? Asking you why this or that isn’t done? Frustrated and Annoyed with yourself for getting stuck or wrapped up in stuff that isn’t your true priority but somehow it took first place? Is that how your 2013 is going down? 

Take a breath. Do you know what my team and I can do for you in 13 weeks? We can help you launch an entire company with fresh, hip branding, a logo, a fully functional website, a newsletter template, a social media platform, an ebook + the business development coaching you need to run your business and make all of these components flow so effortlessly that you can spend your time doing your genius work. We can also do wonders with a re-branding and redesign campaign.

By 2014 your whole marketing and business model could be up and running. Think of it! How amazing would it be to be able to cross this stuff off your list and walk into 2014 making fresh new Intentions and conjuring up brand-spanking-new Dreams?

Check out the details of my Heart-Powered Marketing Package  here.

Whatever is on your To-Do list, you still have 13 weeks. Get it done. You’ll feel so much better when 2014 comes knocking on your door.

Need to find a life coach?  Take the next step by clicking here for more details.


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