Emerging Women Cracked My Heart Wide Open


Me & Alanis, hanging out.

Me & Alanis, hanging out.

A portal in the Universe split open and the Divine Feminine descended on some of the most powerful women on the planet at the Emerging Women Conference in Boulder this weekend.

We invited the Sacred Mother in, ideas bounced around the room looking for their mother and we got way more vulnerable than we dared get.

Brene Brown illuminated courage and bravery, stripping us of the armor around our hearts.

Katie Gray sang in the voice of the Holy Spirit, I won’t find love if I don’t give enough of my heart to this world.

Sera Beak blew open a portal to the Universe, invoking the Divine Feminine to challenge us to a Radical and Dangerous Love.

Elizabeth Gilbert made my leg hairs grow wild with goose bumps and chills, as she always does when she talks about the creative process.

My heart cracked wide open.

I sent a daring and bold love letter. I wept in the lobby of the St. Julien Hotel when it was acknowledged.

I got a phone call from a man who hasn’t called me in 23 years, unclaiming me. There was no remorse or sorrow in his heart over the loss of me as his.

I had an epiphany, a Spiritual Breakthrough. I learned a Soul Lesson it’s taken me several lifetimes to learn.

I’m okay. Unclaimed. Unwanted. Even then, I’m okay. I can remain Heart Open. They can’t hurt me, I am Love. 

Eve Ensler blew in like a violent storm and it took everything I had to sit through the onslaught of Kali power with my heart wide open.

Alanis Morisette spoke of Sacred Relationship, healing and challenging, intimate and sacred, in a way that opened new imaginings in my Soul.

Tami Simon spoke of the edge of mystery with a presence deep and holy in her posture itself, and I allowed myself to dream of being chosen by her.

It’s Wednesday.

I owe you a blog and a newsletter.

But . . .

I am cradled in my orange meditation chair, weeping, Heart Open.

I wait for the promised “more later…”

Who will claim me Divine Mother? I am your willing servant, what will you ask of me? 


Tracee Sioux is a Law of Attraction Coach, at www.traceesioux.com. She is the author of Love Distortion: Belle, Battered Codependent and Other Love Stories. Contact her at traceesioux@gmail.com.

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