BadAss Business in 3 Months

BadAss Business

3 Months of Magic

  • Law of Attraction Intensified Coaching: Three one-hour customized individual coaching sessions per month, a total of nine sessions. Working with a coach magnifies power and speeds results exponentially.
  • VIP Make-Over: We will take one area of your business and give it an overhaul. This might be your living or work-space, your calendar, your Facebook marketing strategy or any other piece of your life causing you grief.
  • Law of Attraction Tools: Build the foundation of your business on the principles of Law of Attraction. Become a powerful magnet for your Ideal Customers. Games, creativity, fun and a few magic spells included. Part magic, part LOA, part Fung Shui, part mystical. Become irresistable to money.
  • Currency & Value Systems: The Universe will never ask you to betray your value system to get what you want. Do you have a value system? We’ll define a value system for the partnership that the Universe will have to obey.
  • Woman-Centric Economy: The new business model creates a business around your life, rather than forcing you to create a life around your business. You’ll learn how to create healthy boundaries and structures which will allow you to maintain a fulfilling personal life and run a profitable business. 
  • Boss Time Around: You’ll learn how to command Father Time to do your bidding. Einstein is going to get involved in this one.  .

Investment in YOU


Payment Plan

Deposit 497 + 3 payments 333


  • No Escape Clause: No more quitting, bailing, flaking, chickening out, running, abandoning and sabotaging yourself. NO-Money-Back Guarantee offer. Dismantling stories and cherished beliefs can sting. No Quitting Allowed.

Got Questions? Email me at to set up a call and we can talk about the details.

Please check out the testimonials below to find out how pleased my other clients have been with how their vision manifested!

I had a website that was nonfunctional and unsupported. She listened to my goals and ideas and was able to get a team together and was able to create an amazing website for me.

Tracee has supported me in my weak areas and continues to assist me with the technical aspect of the computer, which is to help me understand and manage my own website on my own. Her goal is that I become a computer ninja at the end of six months. I have already gained a lot of confidence and have begun teaching my classes after my web site was launched. I have felt self-empowered and very happy with an accomplished person like Tracee assisting me.

There is no comparison. My website is up and running, supported by the team Tracee put together. With her help from a nonexistent business, now I am busy and very hopeful to becoming more self-reliant. I am extremely grateful and thankful to her for services and her very professional attitude to all the details that gave me the website I wanted.

Bina Mehta, Fort Collins, Colorado
Bina Mehta: Feminine Divine

I was plodding along. It seemed I was just going around and around in circles with my vision of Women Awaken. There were so many files, folders, documents and mindmaps. I was stuck! Because of Tracee, I have taken the first steps out of my comfort zone. Taking my non-profit public has been the best thing I have ever done! I would not have done it without Tracee’s direct and positive feedback and her encouragement. I am taking bold strides towards fulfillment of my vision. As I take a step, another woman joins me, and this journey is now a shared adventure with meaning and purpose for so many women.

~Anne-Marie Sherrer, Fort Collins, Colorado
CEO and FounderWomen Awaken

Got Questions? Email me at to set up a call and we can talk about the details.

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