Change My Life: You’re The Girl Revolution

The Girl Revolution is You.

The mothers and fathers who set the example, give advice on how to handle friends and boyfriends, the little whispers about how a boy should treat her, the warnings, the homework help, the encouragement to try new things, the pushes in the right directions, the advantages you give her, the experiences you expose her to, the hopes and dreams you have for her future, the doors you open for her, the windows of perception and experience you offer for her to look out of,  the path you’ve paved for her, the desire that she do better and go farther than you, yourself have.

The Girl Revolution happens in every house in the world, over breakfast and homework, over family dinners, over the battles and arguments, over the hurt feelings and the blissful snuggles, over the bedtime story and the milestones alike.

You are The Girl Revolution. Every one of you.

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