Screw Equal Pay – Sheconomy Baby!

So, the Paycheck Fairness Act , which “addresses pay disparities between men and women. The bill limits the defense that employers can use to respond to charges of wage discrimination based on sex, among other actions,” ( failed by two votes.

Good Riddance, I say.

Because Equal Pay, is not enough to correct 2000 years of financial repression and oppression of girls and women. It’s what we were settling for, thinking it was more achievable than what is really enough. Thinking “fair and equal” would be enough. “Enough” would be that pay disparity swing in the feminine direction. That we use their own rules to flat-out best them.

Every indicator suggests that the woman’s day in the sun is on the horizon, closer than it feels.

In The Rise of the Sheconomy, by Belinda Luscombe, in Time Magazine the statistics point directly to not just mere equality between the sexes in regards to pay, but the surpassing of women’s salaries over men’s. This truly is Law of Attraction and money at work, here.

In October 2009, The U.S. workforce became nearly half female: women held 49.9% of all non-farm labor jobs and 51.5% of high-paying management and professional positions, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is not likely to be a blip. For every two guys who graduate from college or get a higher degree, three women do. This is almost the exact opposite of the graduation ratio that existed when the baby boomers entered college.

And as the U.S. continues its migration from a manufacturing economy to a knowledge-based one, women are poised to snag more jobs. They make up the majority in the workforce in 9 of the 10 occupations the BLS predicts will add the most jobs in the next eight years.

. . . about a third of women out-earn their husbands.

Childless women in major-metropolitan areas out-earn male counterparts by 108%. It’s suspected that once these women have children they will narrow the Motherhood Penalties faced by previous generations.

. . . women hold sway over 51.3% of the nation’s private wealth.

“We’re on the brink of a massive power shift, a grinking of the gears of history into a new human condition, [Maddy Dychtwald] writes. “It’s a world where women can, if they choose seize the reins of economic control.”

So, you can keep your measly Paycheck Fairness Act – the bar of Equal Pay is way too low for women now. We’re going to leap over it like a hurdle in a race – a race women are going to win. The American Way is turning in our favor. It’s The Rise of  Sheconomy Baby!

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