Women's Health Influence

And that’s a wonderful thing!  Think of those around you when you need some extra motivation to eat nutritiously and be physically active.  As friends, daughters, wives, and mothers, our healthy behaviors can positively influence those around us. …

As mothers…
A few years ago, I attended a great lecture by an endocrinologist who was treating overweight children with type 2 diabetes.  Afterwards, I asked the doctor what he thought was the main reason some children were successful at losing weight.  He said that without a doubt, when parents start to lose weight and develop healthy habits, you see the children lose weight and become healthier.

Our children learn eating and activity habits from us.  We are the ones that provide the food options in the home.  Young children will eat and drink what is available to them.  A child who complains they are bored will likely jump at the opportunity to run outside in the sprinkler with mom or shoot a few hoops together.

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A Woman’s Healthy Choices Affect More Than Herself

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