Bored with Being Incensed


Noah Cyrus, Miley’s nine-year-old sister was photographed on a stripper pole with her friends at a night club before the Teen Choice Awards. Read that story on Dlisted.


Also in the Dlisted story is a new teen pop group titled The Lolitas. You know, like the elementary-aged little girl who “made” Humbert Humbert rape and molest her in the child pornography “classic” Lolita.


Then we have this innocent photo of Cheeky Sweetie’s daughter wiping marshmallow off her mouth after eating a s’more. Bing labled the photo something heinous in its algorithm and now the photo is popping up as an option for “penile penetration’ and “child nudity.”

I’m tired of being shocked and incensed that America’s children are being treated in this way. Does anyone have any other ideas? I’m leaning toward social annihilation and threat of physical harm.

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