Who's Afraid of . . . .


What’s your daughter afraid of? How to you help them through it to find their courage and inner peace?

I try to teach my kids what works for me. I use a technique called tapping. It’s basically acupressure you apply to your self to release extra energy. Think of fear is emotional energy. Anger as emotional energy.

If you had the power to tap on parts of your body to release fear and anger wouldn’t you do it? Wouldn’t you want to teach your kids how to do it?

It works for me and I use it frequently.

The other day Ainsley and Zack were at the neighbor’s house and they started a scary movie. They left right away, but Ainsley saw enough to keep her scared that night.

I sat with her doing some tapping and deep breathing exercises (in through the nose and out through the mouth) to get her mind off of it, clear the energy out of her body, relax her, and help her focus on something positive while she lay down to sleep.

I tell her to realize that she’s the one controlling her thoughts, no one else has control of her brain, so she is the one who has the power to choose to think about something else.

About half way through she said, We do this at school.

You do? I was a little surprised.

Yeah, before we take a test and stuff, we to these kinds of tapping on our fingers and we cross our arms and do deep breathing to clear our minds so we can focus better.

Who knew?

Watch a video and learn about tapping at www.tapping.com .

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