Vote With Your Daughter

Thanks to Claire Mysko, author of You’re Amazing: A No-Pressure Guide to Being Your Best Self, for pointing out the Take Our Daughters to the Polls initiative from The White House Project.

My husband and I took out daughter out of school one day last week and went to the court house to cast our votes. I’m an election judge this year so we voted early. (Early voting will also reduce complaining about the line.)

They will allow your child in the voting booth with you and you can show them how you go about choosing your candidates.

Ainsley and I have been going to vote together since she was two and we arrived at the government building and she said, “Where’s the boats? You said we were going boating.”


She’ll remember this year specifically because this year, we got to vote for Hillary Clinton. I also voted for her BFF’s mom, who was running for county attorney on my ballot (even though she wasn’t on my party’s ticket).

No matter who you’re voting for – take your daughter to the polls and show her one of the more effective ways for women to be powerful.

Democracy is what we make it through our participation. Teach her to participate.

I’m an election judge today – getting my Patriotic High – read more about it on Blog Fabulous.

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