Christmas Tip #1


I’m thrilled to give a Juku Couture Doll by Jaks to Whirlwind.

Here’s the thing – Christmas is coming.

The Christmas toys are already out on the shelves, the Christmas decor displays are already out. This is causing people premature Holiday panic. Don’t stock up on sleeping pills and Xanex just yet.

I’m committed to not putting a single gift on a credit card.


No, silly. I haven’t put any Christmas gifts on a credit card for years – literally. My children never go “without.”

I’ve got skills. This year I’m committed to sharing them with you.

I’d like to help you figure out how to provide The Best Christmas EVER for your kids – infused with meaning, fun and joy – without going over budget.

We Thinking Parents can also do it Without feeding anti-girl advertising. The only way to make anti-girl marketers stop their hyper-sexual advertising is to STARVE them.

Tip #1?

Start now. I already have several toys stashed away for both of my kids.

Enter the Bloggy Giveaways next week to stock up on gifts for everyone you love.

Look – if you think you can’t make it through a holiday without whipping out your credit card or saving up $500. . .

Thank Goodness! You’re wrong!

Subscribe to my RSS feed and I’ll share my thrifty economic tips and we’ll have a very Merry Christmas that doesn’t only empower your girls – it will empower YOU!

Oh and for Kwanzaa and Hanukkah or Festivus – the same principles of economy and joy apply.

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