The Mexican Witch and Curses


I chose Cabo San Lucas for my birthday celebration for a reason. It wasn’t on the top of my list. I write a spiritual travel column for Bella Spark Magazine, so I was thinking I’d visit a spiritual Mecca. But, while I was having energy work done with CJ McDaniel she said she felt that Cabo San Lucas or San Luis Obispo were the best places for me to spend my birthday. I have history in San Luis Obispo, which made me conjure memories of an ex-flame, but he’s married so I wouldn’t have seen him, so . . .Cabo San Lucas won out.

Cabo has no Soul. You may as well go to Florida for all the foreignness of the place. It’s a tourist town through and through. The beaches aren’t even swimmable. There are no ruins or holy places. But, this is The Year of Yes! in which I do everything my Soul guides me to do, even when it doesn’t make sense to me, so my best friend Jenny Lea and I booked a vacation package to Cabo.

There had to be something in Cabo for me. We followed the Universe’s trail via taxi drivers, time share sharks and a Los Angeles ex-patriot named Patrick we met at a taco stand, to a Currandera, a Spiritual Healer, a Mexican Witch named Angelina.

After rubbing a raw chicken egg all over our bodies—individually—she cracked them, put them in a clear glass, and examined them. She then read a set of cards that were a cross between tarot and playing cards, though I’ve not seen this type of card before.

You have two people, holding hands, she told me via Patrick’s translation.

Immediately I thought of myself with a man in a wonderful relationship. I thought this because I have had healers and intuitives practically breaking down my door to tell me that my man is very close and it will be wonderful.

There is a dark woman, a woman with dark hair and mixed race, part Mexican, and a blond light woman who are working together to harm you. The dark woman has cursed you and put a very dark and powerful black cloud over you. She feels you harmed her. She has spent a lot of money, time and energy and worked with a photo of you. Her eyes are always on you and what you do. She has been the cause of many problems in your life, in your relationships. Your husband loved you very much, but she worked on him and you, and it dissolved the love. She played a part in your divorce. The blond woman is her friend and working with her. 

You have a bad money surprise coming involving a document.

A dark-haired man is sad and he thinks about you all the time because he deeply cares for you.

You have to go home and find a healer to break the curse and put a blessing, a prayer, of protection around you. 


Jenny’s reading included a much more minor curse, a wonderful man who thinks about her all the time because he cares for her, wealth and fortune and success, love and marriage. All love and light.

It was MY fucking birthday! Not fair.

The only thing to do, of course, was to fixate on the only good part—the dark haired man who cares for me, Boulder Brian—and sabotage my own good time immediately and completely by behaving like a desperate psycho via Facebook between flights on the way home. Obviously.

And get a complete overhaul on my teeth with 10 hours of impulsive oral surgery with a root canal and the removal of all of the mercury fillings in my mouth (which my Soul had been directing me to do in meditation for several months). And be miserable. And upset and angry and crappy. And take pain killers that made me miserabler, angrier, frustrateder and crazier. Boo.


Still, God sent me gifts to remind me that I’m OK. First, I had Jenny. Who possibly felt worse than I did about how the witch did me on the eve of my birthday. She did not tell you your future, she told you what you need to know so your future is better, she pointed out. Then the captain invited me to drive the ship back to the harbor after our snorkeling adventure on my birthday (which we had attracted for free). Perhaps significantly there were four other August 9 birthdays from around the world on that ship.

You’re driving your own ship, not the woman who cursed you, Jenny said, pointing out the metaphor. And you’re driving a ship that a bunch of other people are on.

On our last day I was still in a funk. I went down to the ocean to baptize myself in the womb of Mother Earth, rid myself of The Curse, review the last four decades of my life and call forth what I’m claiming for my next chapter. I was addressing Mother Earth, the Universe, God and my Inner Wise Woman. And I was being pretty bossy.

A man walked up to me and asked if he could take my photo, then he did an entire photo shoot. I look beautiful in the photos. Then I found three pennies as I got off the plane. Little gifts everywhere I looked.


I immediately made an appointment with CJ McDaniel, the energy worker who directed me to go to Cabo, to cleanse myself of The Curse. (And to rid myself of the destructive and pathetic energy causing my crazyhood with Boulder Brian, rooted in a disastrous and fundamentally life-trajectory-changing sexual episode when I was 13). I felt better.

I then went to see Bina Mehta of Feminine Divine to experience White Time Universal Healing and Crystal Healing to further clear, repair and heal myself. I did some crying and releasing and I felt much better.

I returned to a state of emotional balance and stability (coupled with embarrassment and remorse about acting bonkers to Boulder Brian).

Good times Cabo.

How did I attract all of this? you ask.

Simple. I declared that I would walk into 40 clean of the past, cleansed and whole, and the day before my birthday the Universe provided the opportunity to rid myself of old baggage and to process really fucked up relationships and experiences from my past that can’t hold me back anymore. I needed to be aware of them to release them. As unexpected and overwhelming as that was, it was a truly generous gift.

Law of Attraction is essentially an opportunity to confront what’s holding you back, to allow you to rid yourself of exactly that, so you can accept and receive what you want. To get to a state of letting go, I had to know what needed letting go of. Letting go is hard because you have to really process and look at your “stuff.” It pays off in the end, but sometimes you have to get there through old feelings blocking your flow, a Dark and Powerful Curse, sabotaging an unexpected not-relationship with Boulder Brian, extensive oral surgery, the deep love and loyalty of a best friend and a Mexican Currandera.

Welcome 40! I’m ready now.


Tracee Sioux is a Law of Attraction Coach, at where you can get a free copy of “5 Steps to Creating a Dream Board that Really Works!” ebook. She is the author of Love Distortion: Belle, Battered Codependent and Other Love Stories. Contact her at

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