I'm Busy Turning 40 in Cabo!


I’m in Cabo San Lucas. I’m busy turning 40. I’m basking in the JOY of it. I’m going to be 40 on Friday.

I’m truly excited about this new chapter—the most exciting chapter yet—in my life.

I’m loving my divorce, which has brought with it so many advantages that I just love: autonomy, control over my money, not having to “check in” with another person to make personal and business decisions, a co-parent who is actually doing his job, more free time, more empowerment as an entrepreneur AND the potential to fall in love again and have phenomenal sex. Honestly, the mythology of divorce turns out to be complete bullshit. I can’t find the downside of ending that marriage.

I’m loving listening to the whisperings of my Soul, which are becoming clearer and louder as I really learn to tune in. I’m loving who I am and everything I bring to my own life. I’m comfortable in my skin and I feel fucking awesome about how I can effect people’s lives for the better by being my authentic self, audacity and all.

I’m loving where my Law of Attraction Coaching business is going. I can’t think of anything more fun than hanging out with people who want to manifest their dreams into profitable businesses. I love watching them do things they didn’t even know were possible.

Here’s to 40! Happy Birthday Me!

Power Up!
Tracee Sioux

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