Law of Attraction and Money: Techie Kid

Ainsley saved enough money to buy herself a mini laptop computer (perhaps a little bit of Law of Attraction and money in practice, here). She’s been emailing her friends and cousins, since we moved from Texas.

I didn’t want her emailing from my new Macbook. Nor did I want her using my computer to play Justin Beiber songs all day long and surfing Justin Beiber YouTube videos. So, I encouraged her to save her money and buy her own.

I am inclined to pay her for doing chores that I adamantly dislike – vacuuming for one. Can’t stand it. Bathrooms don’t bother me so much, but I get too much on my plate and need someone to help me out before we entertain guests.

So, she saved, for about a year, and bought a new knock-off on ebay a few weeks ago. The trouble is, buying a mini-laptop because it is cute and pink is an amateur mistake. She’s used to the lightening fast speed of my computer, so her slow as a turtle laptop has proved to be a disappointment. The other day I caught her checking her email on my computer, and changing my Pandora station to Justin Beiber. Annoying.

She has been talking about selling her new mini, for $200. I try to explain that once you open a computer package, the sell price – the fair market value – plummets, not rises. So, she wants to lower the price to $130 (she paid $105 including tax).

She’s saving for a faster computer now. (She mentioned that if someone wants to donate one – a fast one, a cute one – that she’d be happy to accept such a gift for her upcoming birthday Oct. 9.)

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